Bailey Motorsport Alloy Diverter Valve

Wondering where your boost went? Power delivery not as smooth as it used to be? Most likely your engine’s diverter valves are to blame.

What is a diverter valve? A diverter valve (DV) is a pathway for boost when it is not being used by your engine. Whenever the throttle body is closed, like during shifts or decelleration, the boost needs an escape route. If the boost cannot escape during these times, it can back up and cause shocks to the turbos. These shocks will stall the turbos, slowing boost production upon re-acceleration (turbo lag). Even worse, these shocks can cause damage to the turbos. The diverter valves’ job is to open when the throttle body is closing or closed, and reroute the boost to the low pressure intake side of the turbos, where it can do no harm.

Bailey Motorsport has developed a direct-replacement, alloy body diverter valve that eliminates all of the above problems.

The Bailey Motorsport DV30 diverter valve uses a high temperature composite piston instead of a rubber diaphragm, which reacts much faster and more predictably. These piston-type valves can handle up to 4 bar (~60 psi) of boost and have ~75% more flow capacity than the stock valve. By reacting faster, turbo compressor stalling and the resulting turbo lag are greatly reduced.

Each and every valve is pressure-tested prior to leaving the manufacturing process. Highly recommended for all turbo engines utilizing the Bosch DV, they are a very easy 30 minute bolt-in with the included detailed instructions.