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If you are the owner of an old or new Volkswagen vehicle in the Ottawa region then you will want to know what the best garage is. If your VW needs maintenance, parts, modification or any services then it’s best to take it to a mechanic near your area. Some car owners only take their cars to dealers, others tend to save more money by taking their car to a trustworthy local mechanic. There are only a handful of garages specific to VWs in Ottawa. Advanced Autowerkdeals directly with Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

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If you are looking for a mechanic in your area then do a quick Google search to find out which one you would prefer. The garages and shops that maintain every brand of vehicle might not treat your vehicle as well as a garage that specializes in your brand of vehicle. Your mechanic should have the parts, supplies and staff available to you fix your vehicle and be able to help you in a short period of time.

Choose a garage that has lots of experience and a great guarantee and warranty on parts and labour. If you are not just looking for repairs or maintenance then some garages will also specialize in modifications. Your VW garage should have high quality German fluids, OEM parts, full service information available to their technicians, cheaper labour rates than the Volkswagen dealer and all the diagnostic equipment necessary for your vehicle.

There are many common Volkswagen problems that not every mechanic can fix so you should do your research. Your Volkswagen will last longer if you follow the proper maintenance schedule. In your VWs lifetime it might need a new timing belt, electrical fixes or upgrades, oil changes every three thousand miles, tire rotation and balance check, battery check every 7,500 miles, brakes every 15,000 miles, transmission fluid change, radiator, coolant and brake fluid changes, wires and rotors.

Some VW garages in Ottawa also have software upgrades available, suspension, bakes, engine, transmission software, AWE tuning, GIAC software, Neuspeed and H&R Suspension. If your VW has anything wrong with it then bringing it to a trusted mechanic is the best thing you can do for it.

If your VW is showing signs of aging then bring it to a VW garage in Ottawa for all the service, maintenance and modifications available to you. If you keep your Volkswagen in great shape, it will remain as a reliable and trusted vehicle for your family and children.

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