2.0T FSI Fuel Pump Upgrade

After prolonged testing and multiple development design changes, we are pleased to introduce the best engineered DIY High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) kit on the market.

The precision of this part required extensive education on our end. We had to find new subcontractors capable of machining to the highest of aerospace tolerance levels. And to our dismay, we found that most subcontractors claiming the ability to machine to this tight of a requirement are in reality unable to do so.

However, because of the special equipment required to actually measure such tiny dimensions, it was no surprise to us when we saw competitors having repeated issues with their publicly released parts. Designing, manufacturing, and quality checking to this level is not for the faint of heart!
That being said, we are very pleased with the results of our long term testing, and the protocols we have put into place to ensure repeatability of these results.

Here are some of the details that make our pump parts not only better in manufacturing consistency, but also in basic design:


PVD (Plasma Vapor Deposition) application of a DLC (Diamond Like Coating) – Low friction, extreme hardness and durability. Critical for long lasting performance.


Piston and bore are precision ground and matched to within microns (1 micron = .00004″).


Instead of using a different spring retainer plate, the OE parts are able to be used with our design. This keeps piston side loading within factory limits and minimizes cam and cam follower wear.


Five separate manufacturing steps including, machining, heat treatment, grinding, and coating.

Quality Control:

Each set is checked with precision digital gauges with a resolution of .00001″

Each upgrade kit comes complete with:

Patent Pending pump piston and cylinder components
Specialty tools to ease part swap
High grade lubrication oil
Cleaning supplies
Your fuel pump is a high precision assembly, and our included tools and supplies takes all the guess work and variables out of the installation equation, resulting in a fool proof Do It Yourself procedure.

2.0T FSI Fuel Pump Upgrade