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When looking for performance parts for your Volkswagen or Audi, a quick internet search will reveal that the options are truly unlimited. You have to be careful because there are a lot of non German or non authentic parts on the market today.

If you are shopping for performance parts on your own, you may get what looks like a great deal but find out the hard way that your shiny new parts either don’t fit nicely or won’t work for your particular application.

Advanced Autowerks is a Audi and Volkswagen specialist in the Ottawa region with licensed mechanics who operate a VW store at their shop.

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Whether you are looking for an Audi S4 K04 turbo kit, software upgrades, suspension, brakes, engine, transmission, software AWE tuning parts, GIAC software, Neuspeed parts, H&R Suspension or any cosmetic pieces like rims, headlights, exhaust etc. the best way to purchase these parts at a discount is through a licensed VW and Audi garage like Advanced Autowerks.

When you purchase your parts this way, you can rest assured that when they come in they will be the exact fit, function and style that you need for your ride. Why shop in the dark when you can have the insurance of knowing your parts were ordered by someone who knows your car better than you do.

If you purchase your VW parts through a dealer, you usually will find that you are limited in options because dealers have very strict regulations put on them by the VW and Audi brand. To get access to the most cutting edge advanced technologies and parts and accessories you can’t beat a VW and Audi performance shop.

Another advantage to shopping this way is once your parts are installed properly, your mechanic will have access to the proper tools to get your car back up to speed like computerized timing equipment, wheel balancers, wheel alignment machines, ODB2 readers and other highly specialized technical diagnostic tools.

Advanced Autowerks will be incorporating an online volkswagen store in the near future at which time you will be able to shop on the website knowing that the parts you are ordering will work for your vehicle. In the mean time, check out their garage in Ottawa or contact them to find the parts you are looking for.

There are many places to purchase vw parts in Ottawa. Choose to buy from someone who knows your car best and who can be there to fix an issue if there is ever one to arise. Contact us today


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