AWE Pedal Covers

Available for both 6 speed and DSG cars, in silver or gunmetal anodizing. Includes deadpedal.

Performance drivers value pedal covers in order to fine tune the spacing between pedals, making for faster and more efficient footwork. Not to mention that they look cool, too!

However, anybody who has installed any of the popular “generic” pedal covers in their VW can tell you that it is not an easy task. The VW and Audi factory pedals present all sorts of challenges when installing covers, from the large hole in the middle of the brake pedal, to the shape and thickness of the accelerator pedal. Besides the install issues, few of these generic cover sets have the look that quite matches the sophisticated and serious interiors of the VW and Audi models. What might look right in a Honda just doesn’t cut it for most VW or Audi drivers.

The shortcomings of all the pedal sets out there really frustrated us, so we decided to design a set with a clean sheet of paper. Inspired by some of the high dollar pedal kits available from Europe, we melded all our favorite pedal cover features, situated the bolt hole placement to provide proper and easy installation, and offered them at a price that can’t be beat.

Key features that set our Sport Pedal Covers apart from the rest:

Pre-installed rubber nubs for grip with wet shoes
Hard anodized finish for long appearance life
Stainless steel hardware, included installation wrench
Radiused corners on clutch and brake pedals for shoe clearance
Larger than stock accelerator pedal “bump out” for easier heel and toe driving

Mk5 Pedal Covers