AWE Tuning FSI K04 Turbo Kit

Using a combination of high performance OEM parts, beautifully designed solutions from AWE Tuning, and cutting edge software from GIAC, this turbo kit cannot be beat in terms of bang for the buck.

Please note that this kit is designed to work with the first generation 2006-2008 FSI 2.0T engines. See this page if you have a later model TSI 2.0T engine.

The K04 class turbo used on the Europe-only Audi S3 is so big, it redefines the idea of what is possible from a bolt on K04. With some clever components that we designed and also manufacture in house, we’ve adapted this bruiser of a turbo to the Mk5/A3/TT 2.0T engine with satisfying results:

315 crank hp and 345 crank torque when using the stock airbox and intercooler system
325 crank hp and 346 crank torque when the Audi S3 intercooler is added (see package price above)
335 crank hp and 357 crank torque when the Audi S3 intercooler and a cold air intake kit is added
350 crank hp and 363 crank torque when the Audi S3 intercooler and a cold air intake kit on race fuel program
361 crank hp and 370 crank torque with Audi S3 intercooler, cold air intake, and AWE Fueling Kit on pump fuel program
Our special adapter parts make installation extremely easy with very little modification needed to the car. This is the most straight forward and easy way for you to gain a huge bump in power without breaking the bank. Our Diverter Valve adapter allows any OEM or properly designed aftermarket DV to be used, which is a further cost savings for you. We do recommend adding our upgraded DV to ensure long term reliability.

The Front Mounted Intercooler (FMIC) from the Audi S3 also serves as an effective and extremely economical way to further cool the intake charge vs the stock unit. Further, any properly designed cold air intake that works with the stock turbo will also work with our kit, saving you even more money if you already purchased a cold air intake. The elegance and simplicity of this turbo kit’s design is unmatched.

The addition of our precision High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) parts and Audi S3 fuel injectors, along with a specially calibrated GIAC software program, pushes this kit into a league of its own. The enhanced fueling generates an additional 26 crank hp and 15 lbft of torque at peak, with massive gains throughout the entire rev range. Our Patent Pending HPFP is made to extremely high standards, maintaining critical OEM parts to ensure no excessive wear to the camshaft and follower. Literally tens of thousands of test miles have been logged to ensure superior reliability from this critical part. Please note that our HPFP parts require installation into the stock pump housing.

Working directly with GIAC for the software version of this turbo kit, as with all our turbo products, we were able to retain perfect drivability manners, as well as to develop robust programming that maintains all factory safeties and emissions monitoring. The responsiveness of the turbo is well suited to this front wheel drive platform. Power delivery is smooth, with no sense of extreme turbo lag or twitchiness. This is in contrast to unsuitably large turbos that may make more horsepower, but come at the expense of low end power loss.

Please note! Installation of GIAC software requires that you send your fuel injection ECU or bring your car to an authorized GIAC install center. Also, a properly designed performance turbo back exhaust is required for safe and optimal operation of this kit. All development work was done on multiple test cars fitted with our 2.5 inch turbo back exhaust system.

AWE Tuning FSI K04 Turbo Kit